Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 1060

Echelon Diamond

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond has taken premium grilling to the next level. The Echelon Diamond series is availble in the following sizes: Echelon 660 (22x36 cook surface), Echelon 790 (22x18 cook surface) and Echelon 1060 (22x48 cook surface).

The Echelon won the prestigious Vesta award for the best new gas grill on the market.

Here are some of the advanced features that impressed the Vesta judges.

Integrated Smoker
Feather-lite Hood
Halogen Lights
Advanced Backburner
Digital Thermometer
Cook Zone Dividers

Fire Magic has always been known for professional quality grilling, giving the chef unparalleled heat to sear the meat (sealing in the natural juices) and cooking control (you can sear a steak and bake a cake) but the Echelon's design has stepped all of that up a notch - or two!

From the Echelon 1060's unique burner system (4 cast stainless steel E Burners - they are powered by 30,000 btus each), to the removable zone dividers, each element is designed to give you greater consistency of cooking (no hot or cold spots), creating up to four truly independent cooking zones.

Hot surface ignition insures that it lights every time - even in the pouring rain!

The Built-In LCD digital meat and grill thermometer has 4 sensors inside the grill so you know the temperature at the cooking surface of each zone (the only place you should be checking the temperature of your grill) as well as a stainless steel meet probe to get your meat on your rotisserie done to the perfect temperature.

One of the smartest innovations (they should have won the Vesta just for this) is the rotisserie rod storage. If you have ever owned a grill with a backburner, you know how hard it is to find a place for your spit rod.. They have cleverly stored it right behind the hood!

Optional Magic Window (only on Echelon Diamond) allows you to see your food inside the grill without opening the hood.

The optional Power Hood is the newest innovation, (only available on Echelon Diamonds) just hit the button on the remote and the hood goes up or down by itself.

Even without the cool powerhood, each Echelon hood is spring assisted (Feather Lite) so even on a massive hood that is on this size grill, all it takes is one finger to open or close.

Dual Fuel - Just add a Charcoal Basket to any FireMagic and you have a charcoal grill that is lit by gas.

Personalized - Each Echelon Diamond can be Personalized with a stainless plaque with your name. Your Echelon is made just for you.

There are so many cool features of the new Echelon, you just need to see it in person.

Click here for a comprehensive description of all of the unique Echelon Features

Quick Facts:

1056 Square Inches on the Primary Cooking Surface (22" x 48 ")

115,000 Btu's + Two 15,000 Btu each Backburners

Echelon 1060 models available:

Echelon 1060 with 60,000 btu Power Burner
Echelon 1060 with Double Side Burner
Echelon 1060 with Single Side Burner

Echelon 1060 Island Grill (Built-In)

Echelon Diamond 1060 Cart with Powerburner
Feather-Lite Model #E1060s-4E1N-51
or Powerhood Model #E1060s-ME1N-51
Shown with Optional Magic Window
Echelon 1060 Cart with Double Side Burner
Feather-Lite Model #E1060s-4E1N-71 or Powerhood Model #E1060s-ME1N-71

Echelon 1060 Cart with Single Side Burner
Feather-Lite Model #E1060s-4E1N-62 or Powerhood Model #E1060s-ME1N-62

Echelon 1060 Island Grill

Feather-Lite Model #E1060i-4E1N or Powerhood Model #E1060i-ME1N